Tuesday, July 13, 2010

UK Police Officer Wants to Kill Friendly Pit Bulls But Not Her Vicious Dog

Julia Pendry is in charge of "cracking down" on vicious dogs in the United Kingdom. Vicious is defined loosely. The Dangerous Dog Act cares little about behavior and more about a) what kind of dog is biting/being walked/existing and b) where that bite occurs. If you are attacked by a non-banned breed of dog on private property and, say you loose an arm...well, sucks to be you - your attack isn't covered by law. If you walk a friendly Pit Bull down the street, prepare to be criminalized and your dog confiscated and killed - your non-attacking, friendly pet IS covered by the law.

In fact, Julia Pendry would gleefully confiscate your friendly pet and happily kill him. More specifically, she is quoted as having said, "it would be absolutely fantastic’ to kill the thousands of illegal breed, dangerous dogs confiscated by police." Absolutely fantastic!

But Julia likes to be exempt from her own rules. She lets her aggressive dog run loose and maul unsuspecting Airedale terriers. Her dog is a German Shepherd and is not covered by the Dangerous Dog Act. The victim's only saving grace is that the aggressive German Shepherd was in a public place when she tried to disembowel her dog. Technically, that's covered by the Dangerous Dog Act.

No need to worry, Julia says she'll pay some of the vet bill and will keep her dog muzzled. Nothing screams responsible ownership like partially paying for your dog's mauling of another dog. Sure, both dogs were off-lead, but the Airedale terrier was under voice control, next to her owner, and just standing there. The German Shepherd, however, was not under Julia Pendry's voice control, was far away from her owner, needed to be rugby-tackled (which wasn't sufficient, the dog escaped Pendry's grasp and attacked again), and kept trying to eat the screaming terrier. I say she pay in full.

If these are the people enforcing the Dangerous Dog Act, no wonder nothing is getting done. They'll happily kill nice, friendly dogs while letting their mean, aggressive ones run free. Ineffective law for the fail!

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