Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Person Thinks I Should Die!

A real comment! Geez, why?

This person is a dumb-dumb head. That seems like a healthy, rational response to someone who wants me dead. Do people even think when they write tripe like this? Do they lack the empathy gene? The spelling gene?

Dear Defender of the Children,

Please do not have children to defend. Or, if you do, please try not to teach them it's okay to wish death on someone for having a 15-yr-old dog with barely any teeth.


Any breed of dog, or any other pet designed to kill, responsible for the deaths and maulings of as many children as the pit bull should be exterminated permanently. Furthermore, any person harboring such an animal should be tryed as an accompless to the crime his dog commits and both be put to sleep.
Defender of the children

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Police Shootings of Dogs

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Half of intentional shootings by police are of dogs.

Alabama: Once again, witness statements don't corroborate officer accounts. But hey! Who cares what the witnesses say? A 3-yr-old Pit Bull was loose on his own porch when animal control arrived, then asked police for back-up. Witnesses claim the dog was not aggressive, begged officers to leave the dog alone, and called the guardian on cell phones trying to get the guardian out there. To no avail, officers shot the dog three times, killing him.
Alabama: A loose dog, described as a German Shepherd, "charged" at people. Officers arrived and shot the dog with a tranquilizer that left the dog confused but still conscious. He ran off and nipped a child, then returned back to his home. When he charged at an officer, the individual shot him with a gun. Animal control sedated the dog, the guardian arrived, and the dog was taken to a vet hospital.
Alabama: A K-9 officer sick and tired of the crappy training techniques took his frustration out on his handler, biting him in the leg, then aiming for his head. The officer promptly shot and killed the dog. 

Arizona: Hopefully this group of folks learn never to call cops when dogs are fighting. An officer immediately shot a German Shepherd that OTHER people had successfully separated from another dog with, oh I dunno, a SPRAY OF WATER. The dog was killed.

California: In a gruesome video that went viral, a Rottweiler is brutally shot by police for no other reason than being a dog. The guardian of the dog was arrested for no other reason than being a person videotaping police activities (a legal activity). 
California: An elderly Cocker Spaniel was shot by an officer responding to a burglary call. The dog has been left with a bullet fragment near his spine. The officer did not have permission to be in this man's fenced yard.
California: In a horrifying case, officers lie about the circumstances of a German Shepherd's shooting. Officers claim they "shook the gate" before entering a yard without permission, having arrived an hour later than their expected appointment. Security footage show officers arriving to the home where they were going to discuss the family's runaway teenage son. They are seen immediately entering the property (no gate shaking).  The smart officer calmly exits the yard when he notices a Pit Bull approach, correctly reads the dog's behavior, and gets out of the property. Soon after the German Shepherd shows up and runs towards the other officer. She does nothing but immediately shoot him. He runs off. Animal control takes him to a veterinarian where they say it will take $7,000 to fix him. Police initially offered to pay the bill but after hearing the price, told the family to "just get another pet". They would not let the family seek medical treatment until the family showed them the dogs' licenses. In fact, they waited FIFTY-FIVE MINUTES before letting the dog go to a vet. Nice!
California: A dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed after he attempted to protect his guardian from being arrested. 

Idaho: A dog running loose "charged" an officer, who shot the dog multiple times. The dog died. The dog was described as "aggressive", but in this article, people heard rumors that the dog was aggressive. Witnesses felt the safety of humans was not taken into consideration when the officer shot the dog five times. 

Illinois: Officers kicked in a door during a daily "war on drugs" and shot the man's dog, described as a Pit Bull, for DARING to react to strange people with weapons busting down doors. The epic battle netted 3.2 grams of cocaine. THUS THE WAR ON DRUGS ENDS. Finally.
Illinois: I love the title, cuz it's true - "Cops Shoot Family Dog Just Because". In 2012, officer spent 20 minutes in front of a man's home in response to a "dog at large" (not a dog eating everyone call). They hung out with the loose Cane Corso for 20 minutes and are seen on security footage not being bothered by the dog. And then one of them up and shot the dog three times. Pretty sure they still have jobs.

Indiana: A Rottweiler was shot dead for "running at" officers who were attempting to arrest the guardians of the dog.  

New Jersey: A chained Pit Bull was shot and killed by police after police pursued a teenager into a fenced backyard. The teenager was bitten once by the dog, released the kid, and then charged an officer...who instead of removing himself from the situation promptly shot the chained dog. The dog was most likely left without medical treatment where he died.

New York: Oopsies! Officers raid the wrong apartment and shoot a man's beloved companion dog, then leave the apartment in shambles with blood-stains all over the place. Good job, coppers! WAR ON DRUGS FOR THE WIN.
New York: Officers hanging outside of someone's basement door acted surprised when a dog living in the basement came out. The dog bit a police dog. The attempts made to separate the dogs were so massive that nothing happened. The dog was shot and killed. Despite what sounds like a massive mauling if you believe the news report, the police dog suffered a nip. Whoa. Other witnesses claim the 10-mos-old Pit Bull was attacked first.
New York: A dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed after the dog "charged" at an officer. The dog bit two people, causing minor injuries. 

North Carolina: Incoming Winston-Salem police chief announced his arrival by shooting at a family's dog and shooting a woman in the leg instead. And while his fellow officer immediately went to the victim's aid, radioing for help, police chief had to make an important phone call first! The dog was not injured. District Attorney says it was a-ok for the police chief to shoot one of his nonviolent citizens!

Ohio: A dog being watched by a friend escaped his yard and got into a fight with a chained dog. Police arrived, maced dog, and then shot him when he wouldn't stop fighting. He was taken to a veterinarian.
Ohio: A police officer responded to a request to remove five "feral" kittens from a woman's property. He told the woman the kittens would most likely be euthanized and she "consented" (which how could she, given they weren't her cats?) and the officer proceeded to take out his gun and shoot all five kittens with a gun. The kids were a little traumatized, but the city is standing by their officer. AS USUAL. The Ohio SPCA politely requested that the police officer be fired.
Ohio: Three dogs running loose were cornered by police. The officers, AS USUAL, claimed the dogs became rabid maniacs and were just about to rip out their throats when they just had to absolutely shoot two of the dogs! They died.

Oklahoma: A Boxer was shot and killed for barking at a police chief. Seriously. The dog was shot and killed for barking.

Pennsylvania: In 2011, a 17-yr-old Pit Bull known to be friendly and sweet was shot from a police van by officers. The dog was shot twice by an officer inside the van. Another officer exited the van and shot the dog again. The city stands by these two officers, even while settling a lawsuit filed by the guardian of the geriatric, non-threatening, non-violent dog.
Pennsylvania: A loose Pit Bull was shot and killed. One witness claims the dog was not being aggressive, while other witnesses claim the dog was aggressive. No one was bitten or attacked.

Tennessee: A police officer was fired for shooting a dog he had accidentally run over with a vehicle. The dog, a miniature Schnauzer, was paralyzed and in severe agony when the off-duty officer made the poor decision to shoot the dog in the head...then bury his body in the woods. At least he did not try to claim the paralyzed dog tried to drag himself over and maul the officer.

Texas: A German Shepherd was shot in the neck on his own property by officers illegally entering the dog guardian's property...looking for someone who did not live there. Feet away, a terminally ill child was playing...the officers could not see the child and discharged their weapon multiple times into a non-violent dog near a child. Police are defending themselves!
Texas: A Boxer was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer, because geez, these weirdos carry loaded weapons while hanging out with their wives. The off-duty officer claims the dog mauled like everyone within a 50-mile radius while the Boxer's guardian says, uh, no he didn't have time to and the man shot the dog as he fled the crazed copper. Who knows. Apparently everyone was bitten, so I guess there's some evidence out there that the Boxer was a marauding mauler.