Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A Labrador Retriever who bit a child a week earlier, attacked a girl over the 4th of July. The dog picked the child up by the head, severing part of her ear and leaving bite wounds on her head and neck.

A muzzled Cattle dog "attacked" three people through telekinesis, or that's my best guess for how the muzzled dog "attacked" people.

A Border Collie has been ordered killed after attacking a child in Belfast.

A K-9 has been "suspended" after he bit the wrong person during a foot chase. I'm not clear why police (or people, in general) seem to think dogs come equipped knowing who is the correct person to chase and who is just an innocent bystander. They're smart, but not that discerning.

A woman is surprised after she entered private property and was attacked by the property owner's guard dog, a German Shepherd. While I appreciate her argument, she should have notified the property owner of her presence, end of story.

An Akita was allowed to run off-leash in the UK and attacked a young boy, inflicting several bite wounds on the boy's leg.

Thankfully, a Greyhound rescue has stepped up to take custody of a Greyhound who bit a child twice. The dog was put in an unfair situation after his owner took in a coworker and her son, until she could find a home. During that stressful time the dog, afraid of children, was set up to fail. Now the dog will have a chance at life in an appropriate home environment.

A German Shepherd is allowed to remain at his owner's home after attacking a teenage boy, causing 24-stitches of damage on his chest and arm. The dog had attacked another boy previously, biting the child in the face.

A German Shepherd Mix is holding up mail in Springfield, MO neighborhood. The dog hasn't bitten any mail carrier but chases them. The owner seems to think it's fine to let the dog loose on the porch.


Mary said...

From what I can gather, (and I can't actually visualize this) the muzzle was attached to the harness, which the cattle dog managed to get out of some how.

Lauren said...

I'm glad you think that the greyhound gets a second chance. I got a nasty comment on my blog for saying that. The dog was put in an unfair situation and I hope he has been placed in a better suited environment.