The Fosters

For two years, I volunteered for the Santa Clara Humane Society (now the Silicon Valley Humane Society). I was 16 and met my first Pit Bull, a deaf little lady named Sunny. I taught her sign language, learned about making mistakes and forgiveness, and helped Sunny get adopted. In college, I volunteered 4 years at the Sacramento County Animal Care and Control shelter - it's where Mina, the best damn dog (tm) is from. I burned out, after seeing too many dogs I really loved unnecessarily killed.

Six years would pass before I mustered the courage to re-enter the companion animal shelter world. I chose not to work with my local shelter, because they have a 98% adoption rate. Instead, I sought out a rescue that worked with a shelter with less savory statistics.

Current foster: Carter, a 7-yr-old blind mixie!

Fostering Tales.


Kassie Foster DogBree Toby the foster dog is emoAlice Cute
Sherman Loves ToysChloe

And the long suffering Mina puts up with all of them. Well, most of them.

Mina Not Impressed With HugPLAY!No Means No!Mina has been waiting for this level of snuggle for four years

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