Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mina Has a Meadow

There should be no doubt about Mina's Awesome Quotient. It's in the kajillions, people.

But just in case there WAS doubt, here is further evidence that Mina is one Cool Dog - she has her own meadow.

july 17 2010 mina sma

Yeah, she bad. A few months ago, the farmed animal sanctuary where I work moved from 60 to 600-acres. It was a long process, and as a reward for the staff who facilitated the move, we each got a pasture or a road sign. I chose a pasture, and of course, to honor the Dog Before All Other Dogs (Big Paw Prints to Fill), I picked Mina's Meadow.

Mina's Meadow isn't actually a meadow, but it is the dog yard before you get into the education center (the white house). Mina has to share, which is so not her, but she's dealing with it well. ;)

Also, please note that Mina is not a ginormous dog. That is not a 10' fence with a 5' dog in front of it. It's like a 5' fence with a 17" tall dog in front of it.

Oh, and just to show she is not THAT impressed:

Mina Has a Meadow

Mina yawns. Or laughs maniacally.


Jennie said...

Mina FTW. That is all.

Maureen said...

That's awesomeness!!