Friday, July 9, 2010

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A UK woman has received a second citation after her Doberman Pinscher escaped and attacked several sheep.

California Governor Schwarzenegger signs into law a bill that requires eggs imported from out of state comply with California's standards, as set forth by the passage of Proposition 2 in 2008. This means all eggs imported into California must house hens in a way that allows the birds to stretch their wings/limbs, turn around, lie down, stand up without touching the sides of their enclosures. This shuts down the whines from egg farmers who claimed that all eggs would come out of state and all the farmers would flee California. Of course, it doesn't make much difference for the hens - they're still going to be slaughtered at 1-2 years of age (they can live 7-10) and their brothers are still going to be ground up alive or suffocated when they are sexed. It probably won't eliminate de-beaking, either, as beak trimming occurs on cage-free and large free-range operations as well.

King County animal control is being sued by the owner of a dog who died in the shelter's care. The dog was being quarantined for a bite. The shelter put the dog in a kennel with another dog, a violation of the rabies quarantine. The dog contracted kennel cough which may have exacerbated some other underlining condition. Although the shelter provided antibiotics to the dog, they did not get bloodwork done nor did they notify the owners of the dog's significantly deteriorated condition. At the end of the quarantine, the owners were shocked by the dog's condition and brought her home. She died the next day. King County animal shelter is blaming Des Moines animal shelter who brought the dog in (they contracted w/ King County). Blame game for the fail.

An Akita mauls a small spaniel, had to be wrestled off the dog in the UK.

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