Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Concord, NH police are finally investigating a dog attack involving one of their K-9 units. They only did so after the victim's father pushed for it. The German Shepherd was on a drug investigation and off-lead when the dog attacked a Labrador Retriever Mix and then the 13-yr-old owner trying to protect her dog. She was bitten several times on the arm before being put under control.

Researchers observe wild cats mimicking the calls of their prey.

A Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix named Mitzu is credited with saving a family from a devastating house fire in Australia. The news outlet chooses not to mention the breed of dog.

The Sacramento SPCA is taking in 150 small dogs from a rescue agency. They are not calling it a hoarding case instead saying it is a "situation where a well meaning rescuer got in over her head and needed assistance with the animals in her care". That sounds a lot like a hoarding case to me.

Laureldale, PA police chief doesn't see any reason for the town to ban Pit Bulls or Rottweilers just because some citizen is concerned about a couple nonviolent, friendly dogs. The city averages one dog bite a year.

Police are ruling the death of a 5-yr-old boy a "homicide" after the child was found mauled to death by one or both of the dogs living there. One dog is a medium sized black cross breed, the other is a mixed breed w/ husky/wolf/german shepherd or something or other.. The child was put to bed around 10/11 pm and was killed during the night - he had been dead several hours before being discovered.

A man shot and killed a dog who was fighting with his dog. Both dogs were on-leash - one was a Boxer, the other a Lab/Chow mix. The owner of the Boxer shot and killed the Lab/Chow mix and also accidentally shot the owner of the other dog. Classy.

A cosmetics company went bankrupt and left 55 dogs and monkeys alone in a warehouse. The owner of the dogs, all Beagles, unsuccessfully filed a suit to prevent the dogs from going to homes. He wanted the dogs to go to another cosmetic lab and inhale caustic chemicals for cosmetics. The Beagles have been given to dog rescue agencies for placement. I'm not sure what happened to the monkeys.

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jen said...

re: laureldale story. its unlawful for ANY local ordinance in PA to ban a specific breed of dog (as per PA House Bill 2553).