Sunday, July 4, 2010

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I don't these girls deserve to get this turtle back. The airplane they were flying on notified them they could not keep the turtle in the cabin of the plane and, in fact, turned the airplane around and landed it. The girls claim airliner officials told them to throw the turtle away, while AirTran says otherwise and instead offered the girls and turtle a chance to fly later, free of charge. Either way, the girls threw the live turtle and her cage into the trash-bin. Who the freak does that? One of the "girls", by the way is 22, the others 13 and 10. An AirTran employee rescued the turtle and another one brought her home to care for her. After finding out the turtle lived, the girls wanted her back. I fear for this turtle's life. If your first instinct is to throw away a sentient, living being in the face of authority...that's scary. Replace "turtle" with "dog" or "cat", shift your perceptions to the correct location, and then put "turtle" back in. Unacceptable.

A Boxer bit a 14-yr-old girl severely in the face. It appears the dog was on his own property but reached over the fence to bite the girl. She was walking by when she and her friend noticed an aggressive dog. They turned to look after hearing a loud noise, and that is when the bite occurred.

Extensive article on Turkey's recent ban on Pit Bulls and several other breeds. The dogs are to be rounded up and most likely killed. People have been releasing dogs while others promise they won't give up their dogs for anything.

A German Shepherd bit a man on the rear-end. The dog was a former police dog who had been shot-gunned in the face. THe man was checking out houses for sale when the dog bit him. He did not want the dog euthanized nor did he wish to pursue charges.

Sioux City Journal editorial board speaks out against Elgin's decision to maintain it's Pit Bull ban.

New Mexican animal rescuers remove 50 snakes from a home, will plan to foster them out. Just a reminder, people, snakes are not domesticated animals. They are wild, they have much larger territory ranges than a terrarium. They deserve a good life that emulates, as much as is feasible, a naturalistic environment.

The FDA is showing it's "teeth" by "urging" livestock producers to cut back on antibiotic usage in feed. Grow a backbone, FDA, TELL livestock producers not to use antibiotics and enforce it with legislation. Stop being such wusses.

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