Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pit Bull Mix Named Elkhart County Canine Hero

Last month, Thor persistently pawed and then nipped at his owners to get them out of their burning house. He even grabbed the baby's bassinet and started dragging it to the doorway.

The family lives in a mobile home. Most trailer parks prohibit Pit Bull/mixes and other breeds of dogs. Instead of taking the easy way out and giving Thor up, his family took a month to find a park that allowed Pit Bulls. I'm sure they thanked their lucky stars for that decision.

All their possessions were lost, but the community really pulled through. People donated clothes and other household items. Someone even kindly donated a trailer, but in an ironic twist, the family is now having a hard time finding another mobile home park that will accept Pit Bulls. Even heroic ones.

That fact did not stop the Elkhart Humane Society naming Thor the Canine Hero of Elkhart County. Nice job, Thor!

(While Thor may be the Canine Hero of Elkhart County, the county seat, Elkhart, tried to ban dogs like Thor. The city council tied in their vote, which defeated the proposed ordinance.)

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