Saturday, July 24, 2010

Insights and Cinnaholic

My mom and I had a tarot reading done today at Insights and Foresights in Oakland, CA. The entire reading resonated with me beautifully. I like when that happens. If you are curious about tarot, feel free to peruse this website. It's hard to find tarot websites that don't look quirky and this one is no exception. Try to see past that.

After the reading, we headed to Berkeley for some vegan cinnamon rolls. Life cannot get better than that. Cinnaholic just opened last weekend and serves only vegan cinnamon rolls with more than a dozen varieties available. I had a cookie dough one and a caramel coated one. Super delicious. A little on the pricey side ($4.00 for "old school" and $5.00 for a special) but so worth it for us vegans who crave an animal friendly version of cinnamon rolls. Also worth it for non-vegans. True fact.

Evidence of their awesomeness:

Caramel Cinnaholic Cinnabon

Caramel Cinnamon Roll

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