Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Difference A Breed Makes

People's response to dog attacks can vary dependent solely on how the dog is portrayed.

For example, here are two reported dog attacks that occurred over the 4th of July.

The first involves a Pit Bull who inflicted minor bite wounds on a 5-yr-old child.
Some of the 14 Comments include:
Why would the police put the dog back instead of 6 slugs to the head...????
so, maybe the attacks might have something to do with the irresponsible owner, but why do MARONS chose to have a pit?
so when the baby is around you'll be reading about another tragedy with the same ole same ole sing song..
Only fools have pit bulls and stupid people call it a pet. You and your family deserve what you get and shall recieve no sympathy from me.
Ban them like any other dangerous animal.
pit bull's have a bad rap...but there are more reports of humans attacking humans each day than dogs vs humans. 
Can't wait to hear from all the pit owners about how gentle they are. This is the third or forth pit attack of the summer already. Has anyone ever heard of another breed attacking with such frequency?

The second involves a Labrador Retriever who inflicted moderate-major bite wounds on a 2-yr-old child's head, including a severed ear and neck trauma from the bites. This is the dog's second bite.
Some of the 27 comments include:
he innocent dog, reacting to a small child, will now probably lose it's life because you, the owner, didn't use common sense.
OMG, what a beautiful dog...! And how unusual for a lab to do something like this...most of them are sooooo gentle and they love kids! 
When I saw the headline I thought for sure it was going to be another pit bull. I was very surprised it was a black lab. I've never encountered a mean Black Lab.
Prove that a lab has the jaw strength and vicious nature to PICK A CHILD UP like that. Rotties do, pitbulls are too short but have the jaw strength and tenacity. Labs...uh-uh.
It's unusual to see a mean Lab, but it is possible and until they find out what's going on in that house, is the dog being abused or what.
Crappy dog owners can lead to dangerous dogs, regardless of breed.
The dog deserves a better home, with someone who make sure his socialization process starts immediately
BTW, the dog in the photo looks to be 1/2 lab; the shape of the face is not characteristic of a full lab.
You all seem yo have fallen in line with the article stating that it's a Lab... Take a close look... It has the build of Pitt Bull, and face of a Pitt... Probablly a Pitt-Lab mix.

It's amazing how, when faced with the reality right in front of them, people will gladly defend the dog who doesn't resemble a Pit Bull while gladly suggesting death for the dog who does. And if the reality does not mesh with their preconceived notions, then make them align by claiming the dog in question cannot possibly be a - in this case - Labrador Retriever and must therefore be a Pit Bull Mix.

And no one questions it when a person states that most Labs are nice, because "nice Labrador Retriever" fits in their world view of what constitutes a family dog. It does not matter that most Pit Bulls are nice, "mean Pit Bull" fits into their world view of constitutes a dangerous dog.



Jennie said...

I wrote about this phenomenon awhile back (http://citypittie.com/2010/06/i-just-dont-get-it/), and a similar phenomenon seems to occur with sympathetic stories about Pit Bulls - about 1/2 of the comments suggest that whatever happened to the dog, one less Pit Bull in the world is a good thing. It boggles the mind.

And of course the dog in the picture appears to be a plain ol' lab, with the shorter muzzle seen in some lines, but since that doesn't gel with Labs=nice, Pit Bulls=mean, of course he MUST be a Pit Bull.

Bottom line: commenters are mostly idiots. At least they're not MARONS like us Pit Bull people though!

Jackie said...

There's been four lab attacks this summer. It's an epidemic! How long will it take for those MARONS to realize that these are dangerous animals who have to be banned?

"Dog bit young cyclist, will be euthanized"
"Child bitten by dog"
"Owner says girl was too close to dog"
"'Dogs Dangerous' Says WC Animal Control Board"

PBOforlife said...

As soon as I saw your headline, I knew it would have to do with the attack here in Portland, Oregon. It has been so frustrating reading the comments. It drives me crazy, especially since the two times I barely escaped from being bitten, the dogs were labs. Apparently ignorance is bliss. Ugh!
P.S. I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

he didn't even spell it right!

Retrieverman said...

Do Pitt Bulls come from Pittsburgh?

Lauren said...

Great post Rinalia!! Thank you....
I can always count on you to put things in perspective.