Monday, July 26, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

An Akita allowed to be loose inside of a commercial business operation exited the business and attacked a Dachshund.

A Boxer may be euthanized after he bit a man multiple times. The bite occurred without witnesses and on the dog's property. The dog is normally not aggressive.

A police dog who attacked a Schnauzer is back on the job after a "suspension".

Officers shoot a "Lab/Chow mix" after the dog lunged at them.

Puppy farms to blame when dogs finally bite back.

Delta, BC officials are mulling removing BSL from their law books. "We're asking how we can justify a breed-specific bylaw when there is no empirical evidence to suggest that any one breed of dog has a higher propensity to bite," says Delta Coun. Robert Campbell.

An Akita in Warren, NJ was euthanized three months after attacking a child. The dog inflicted 700 stitches worth of damage.

Two Rottweilers, who have bitten one person and a dog and whose owners have more than 15 complaints against them, have been spared death if their owners can find an out-of-town kennel and training center to modify or mitigate their behavior.

Enforcing their breed specific legislation may prove difficult for Lynn, Mass. Their budget was cut and they have only one animal control officer.

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