Thursday, July 8, 2010

Couple Nice Stories

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier has posthumously received the animal equivalent of the George's Cross for her heroic behavior two years ago. Machete-armed burglars entered her owner's home, nearly severing the husband's hand. One of the intruders raised the machete over the head of the wife, and that is when the dog jumped into action. Although she was cut by the machete, she survived. She died in March from cancer.

A Pit Bull is being hailed as a hero after he alerted the family that a fire was rapidly spreading through the house. In fact, this dog went so far as to try and drag the bassinet out of the house, in an attempt to save the baby. Everyone survived, including the dog, but tragically their house did not. The Red Cross is helping the family. Elkhart officials attempted to ban Pit Bulls but lost by one vote earlier this year.

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Mary said...

awwww....I love nice stories. And pulling the bassinet to save the baby? Unbelievable!