Thursday, July 22, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A woman entered Costco to shop for pet supplies...while her pet, a Labrador Retriever, was left for over an hour in the hot car. The dog died. When the woman discovered the dog dead, she went back into Costco and returned the pet supplies. Costco employees called police, and she was eventually discovered when she dropped the dead dog off at the animal shelter. It was more than a 130 F in the car, 104 F outside.

I am not certain why the owner of this dog is being required to comply with dangerous dog rules. His dog was chained on his property when a neighbor's child entered the property and was attacked. The child had to be airlifted but is in good condition. The dog is a hound mix.

Rodenticides are nasty, nasty killers of feeling, sentient beings. Don't use them, is my advice. In the UK, the use of rodenticides has resulted in the deaths of many red kite chicks. After being fed poisoned rodents, the chicks died deaths as horrible as the rats and mice.

A Jack Russell Terrier leaped over a fence and attacked a boy in the face, causing wounds that could not be closed with stitches and will cause permanent scarring. The dog has attacked a child before.

A child who accidentally stepped on the tail of a Labrador Retriever was mauled in the face by the animal.

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