Thursday, October 9, 2008

Media Mis Reports

Police: 2 Pit Bulls Attack 8-Year-Old, Grandmother
Two Attacked by Pit Bull This Afternoon South of Forney
Pit bulls maul child, woman in Mesquite <--- This video labels it a pit bull attack. The reporter talks about trying to find the loose "pit bulls". The original report goes like this: Girl is riding on bicycle when three dogs, two pit bulls and a mixed breed border collie came out of nowhere and attacked the girl, causing enough harm to require the child be flown to the hospital. When the grandmother of the victim came out, she was attacked as well. A passer-by was able to get the dogs away from the two. According to several reports, the dogs "left the scene of the crime" (seriously, one report says that).

The actual story is as such:

Girl is on her bike IN the same backyard as the three dogs owned by her grandmother. She is alone with them when, at some point, the dogs attack the child. Grandmother hears the attack and goes out to help and dogs redirect on to her. Dogs manage to escape and run away after being beaten off by a passer-by. Dogs are captured by animal control easily when they come back to the house.

The dogs? One pointer. One large mixed breed. And one mixed breed pit bull.

Fascinating, really.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dog's 75% pit bull!

In Ontario, no new pit bulls are allowed. Current pit bulls must be muzzled in public.

Here's a story in which a woman took her dog to a dog park. At some point, a fight ensued and the dog killed another. Ron Pierce of Pierce Animal Control made a wild guess and claimed the dog was part pit bull...though not "full-blooded" because the snout was too narrow. He states the dog is 75% pit bull.

Wait, what?

Dogs aren't "full-blooded" or "part-blooded" - it's not like their supply of blood is evenly divided into neat parts dependent on "breed". A phenotype can never give you the right to say stuff like, "that white person with the red hair is no doubt 65% Irish" or "that brindled colored dog is most definitely 45% boxer". I mean, that is just purely outlandish and silly.

That an animal control agent with no real experience judging the phenotypes of purebred animals is allowed to ascertain whether a dog is "purebred" or "mixed" and even how much of a "mix" a dog is is a perfect example of governmental abuse of power. It shows how dangerous BSL is and how utterly unfair it is - it would now be the responsibility of the owner to prove that her dog is not a pit bull. That isn't right.