Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go Ask Alice

Meet Alice. I apologize, this photo cuts off the most important part of her body - her fantabulous ears!


The shelter claimed she was a Pit Bull, but I find that dubious. She has a long nose, small head, longer hair than any Pit Bull I've met. She is totes adorbs. She was found as a stray at age 3 months, that is so depressing. And get this? She hasn't been adopted in a month. What the freaks, people?

I am told she is a butthead with other dogs. She has not made a peep at my dogs, despite grouchy mcgee Celeste growling at her from like fifteen feet away. they've sniffed politely through the baby gate. Apparently Alice gets a little rough at play. I'm hoping to get her enrolled in some basic manners classes which I hope will help her with socialization.

Or I'll just throw her at Wendal, so she can experience how the big dogs play! For some reason, Wendal has played super rough with the past two foster puppies, although he NEVER plays that way with Mina or other smaller dogs he knows.

More updates and pictures coming soon. She is gorgeous awesome in black and white.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Thing Mina Does - Gnome-ify

Gnome Mina

Mina Hard At Work

RIP Sarge

You lived in the moment and enjoyed three amazing years with some awesome people.

And of course I cannot feel sadness and sorrow for Sarge if I didn't also acknowledge the millions of other dogs - those who look like Sarge and those who don't - who won't know the same kindness and compassion.

If you want to honor Sarge, foster or adopt. It's really that easy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry Breeders, We Don't Want You Selling Puppies On the Highway

Who sells puppies on a highway anyways? I've seen them in parking lots and alongside the road, though, and that is no longer allowed in California thanks to SB 917. I wish common sense would rule over the stupid, but enough people sell unhealthy animals through dangerous and dumb venues that I guess they need to be legislated against.

If you libertarians can come up with a better solution that doesn't result in me busting some heads when I see idiots selling baby living beings who have respiratory illnesses or goopy eyes or want to eat your kid's face off...have at it! Otherwise, I'm reporting their asses.
On March 6, 2011, two Pit Bulls were confiscated from a property by Monroe County Animal Control. The dogs suffered from bite wounds and ended up dying in the custody of Animal Control. Other dogs, located on the same property, were either not taken or not discovered.

The next day, the Monroe SPCA received a call about dogs still remaining on the property. They went out with Animal Control to investigate. Upon inspection, they found eight dogs. One was dead from apparent starvation. Five Pit Bulls were chained up with varying body condition scores. None had scars to indicate they were ever in a fight. Two other dogs, a Chihuahua and an  English bulldog were also found.

Of the five Pit Bulls found, four survived their care at the Monroe County Animal Control. Another Pit Bull  died in their custody. Of the ten dogs total, only one was actually killed by the owners, three died while in custody of Monroe County Animal Control, and the remaining four Pit Bulls are on death row because of one Dr. Katherine Houpt. I have no word on the Chi and English Bulldog.

She temperament tested the dogs on June 27th, 2011. The dogs have been in social isolation in small kennels since March 7, 2011. That is more than three months of intense social deprivation and confinement. It is mind-boggling to expect any dog to perform well in the incredibly stimulating and frightening environment at the shelter. You can get a small feel for the horror of this place by turning up the volume. Ask yourself if YOU could even handle that environment, let alone your dog who has been stuck in a metal cage for three months.

You can see the biased and horribly run temperament test of Dusty in this post. Dusty performs beautifully. She is failed.

But let us not forget the other three dogs.

Razzle, another brown Pit Bull, was also temperament tested by Dr. Houpt. The dog exhibits rockstar behavior towards the stupid fake hand and the plastic doll, neither of which a dog recognizes as a real hand or real human child. The dog would be an ideal adoption candidate in any normal shelter.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Temperament Tests Kill Good Dogs

Dusty is slated for death because she, according to a veterinarian with an advanced degree as well (proof that graduate education does not make one an expert!), serves no "useful" purpose.

You can see the video of the dog's temperament test below, but I wanted to highlight a few things. I don't have a degree in veterinary medicine or animal behavior, so I'm curious why Dr. Katherine Houpt of the Monroe County Animal Control in Michigan missed some obvious behavior cues.

Now if *I* were the observer taking notes, here's what I'd write. I know enough about dog behavior to know that Dr. Houpt is as off base as a human being can get with a dog.

OH MY GOSH DOG IS CUTE! (I'd write this for pretty much all dogs but change the descriptor to spice things up).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drunk Driving David Martoska of CCF (HumaneWatch) fame Out, Creepier Dude In!


David Martoska of the Center for Consumer Freedom (HumaneWatch) has quit to join a conservative Republican daily show or something or other. Martoska gets drunk and disorderly at church/school events which is probably why he hates MADD so much, yo!

He has been replaced by someone who blames rape victims and publicizes their names and who is also apparently a racist (oh, I'm sorry, he was just protesting "affirmative" action by running a bake sale that charged 0.50 for persons of color, 0.75 for whites or $1.00 for "human"...ha, so not clever).

Digging Through the Dirt has the scoop.

Why is anyone still listening to HumaneWatch and CCF again?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Am A Thug and Mina Should Be Dead

Teresa Chagrin wants to thank a shelter for killing dogs. Give her a plaque!

The anti-dog (Pit Bull) letter goes as follows.

The letter has several steps that are consistently followed:

One Reason I Love My Mom

A recent conversation:

Mom: Hey, so you okay with coming up for a weekend when we are gone and watering the backyard plants?
Me: Heck no I don't mind.
Mom: Great! Now when you see the bean plant, please don't be concerned.
Me: Um. Okay.

She basically left it at that, and me being me decided to just forget the whole conversation.

When I went in their backyard and saw this, I ran frantically over to the bean plant to try and save its life. No way was a ginormous potted plant about to die on my watch! Halfway across the yard, I remembered my mom's advice, please don't be concerned.

I still am concerned. I mean, look at that thing. It's the edible leaning tower of pisa.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calves Like Camera Bags

Every time I've gone out to help rescue calves or just out to take photos of them, they find fascination with my camera bag. These calves are no exception. You can read the details here.

All Calves Love Camera Bags

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Laboratory Workers Indicted

Last year, Professional Laboratory and Research was shut down by the USDA after a PETA investigation revealed rampant neglect and cruelty. Around 200 animals were taken out of the vivisection facility and placed with rescue agencies.

The agency tested flea medication that I'm sure some of you use on your own animals.These medications induced seizures, vomiting, and death in the animals tested. No one is charged for causing the suffering that comes with seizures, vomiting and, you know, that whole death business.

But, four workers have been indicted because of the undercover footage. Two of the workers face two counts of animal cruelty, while the other two face five.

It is an interesting conundrum. While I am impressed these four alleged (ha) animal abusers face charges, I am left unimpressed that no one is being charged with anything related to the actual research - the kind that leaves animals physically devastated and behaviorally/emotionally traumatized.

Look at this dog. She was renamed Marsha. Her face speaks of fear and concern, of unsureness in what should be a sure and safe world. She is the face of dogs everywhere who are used for human-drug/procedure and nonhuman drug/procedure research.

I don't have a simple answer regarding animal testing. We are moving closer to a world in which nonhumans are no long unwillingly subjected to experimentation for human or nonhuman benefit. But we are not there yet. We are still throwing caustic chemicals into the eyes of rabbits, still knocking out specific genes of mice and rats so they exhibit exceedingly abnormal and often deadly behaviors or diseases, still infecting other primates with AIDS and other deadly human diseases, still using pigs in trauma trainings, and apparently still exposing cats and dogs - who are JUST LIKE the companion cats and dogs you know and love - to lethal doses of flea medication.

Do a Pubmed search for fipronil-(S) methoprene - that's Frontline, folks. It's some nasty shit. It's a toxic insecticide that is deadly to a whole host of species. Rabbits can't be used to test it, because hey, it's toxic to them. It kills bees, like whoa, and is highly toxic to certain bird species. It's been considered a possible source of bee colony collapses. Yet not only do we throw that crap on and into our dog's bodies, scientists are still researching it's use on animals. We know how it works, know it's lethal dosages and its acute toxicity, yet little Beagles are still being bred and sold, covered in ticks and mosquitoes and treated with this toxic insecticide to find out that, hey, it still kills fleas and eventually kills ticks (it won't save your dog from any of the tick's diseases, yo, but great to know it will suffer a slow, prolonged death, amirite?)

I don't know, that seems just as awful and cruel as what these low-level workers are being charged with. Only difference is it's still considered socially acceptable to inflict suffering on dogs and other species, just don't try and declaw them with a chainlink fence, I guess.

Again, I don't have the answers (I mean I get this is a complex issue) except I know it's stupid we're still purpose-breeding Coonhounds and Beagles so they can be infected with toxic shit we already know is toxic. It's disappointing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey Biznatches, The Irresponsible Public Strikes Again

That's right! When Metro Animal Services in Louisville, KY discovered that two, possibly three, of their rescued canines had distemper - well, you know what they didn't do? Shockingly enough, they didn't kill everyone else. WHOA.

Contrast this with previous cases of distemper outbreaks: Caldwell kills 26 dogs, Memphis Animal Services kills 25 dogs, Southern Pines in Mississippi kills 100.

Instead, Metro Animal Services announced a reduced adoption fee (which was announced prior to the outbreak but didn't hurt during) - $9.00 and even opened up one of their facilities that is usually closed to the public and does not do adoptions. People from the public and rescue agencies flocked to the shelter and 75 animals of 160 were adopted or pulled. This meant the shelter didn't have to kill any of the remaining animals and could properly disinfect everything.

The Mayor even THANKED - THANKED I SAID - the public for helping!

But of course no good deed goes unpunished, amirite? Oddly enough it's No Kill Louisville criticizing the move. Maybe her quote was taken out of context, but one would think that an organization against unnecessary animal killings would be in support of a move to do just that. Oh well, at least 75 dogs are onto new homes and I wish them the best.

Want a Dog Like Mina?

Of course you do!

In honor of Mina's big 13th, which is happening in November, but we can celebrate starting now and ending never, I am profiling some dogs who look like Mina. These dogs are probably going to be Pit Bulls because Mina is one, but they don't necessarily have to follow her color pattern...I'm more interested in the Mina look, the woeful glance, baleful stare, the tragic visage capable of sending ships into battle.

Why he is like Mina? TEAR STAIN and effeminate paw lifting, also very tiny
Hah, you will laugh when you read his description. They are calling him a Pit Bull/ Labrador Retriever cross who may also be part Great Dane because - funny part - you can see it in his walk! Dudes and dudettes, this dog weighs 45 lbs - he's just part Pit Bull.

He is like Mina because of his tear stain issue (hello, apple cider vinegar) and his girly-girl paw lifting which Mina says is actually a gender-neutral behavior and she also called me an idiot for saying otherwise. I do not believe Astro will ever call you an idiot. Astro is in the Nevada County region of California and is practically Mina's neighbor. Mina is hoping someone in New York will adopt him, because she says this region is only big enough for one Mina lookalike and that's her. To adopt Astro, fill out a form here. He likes peanut butter and cookies.

Why is she like Mina? Patchy-eyed, superb starer-off-in-the-distance-look-er. Evidence.
Beauty does not have perfect Mina ears, but perfect Mina ears are really hard to come by.

What she does have are velvet soft floopy ears and a very mush-worthy forehead.

Beauty has met one cat who scared her, which is JUST LIKE Mina's first experience with a cat. However, Mina got over that and now thinks cats might be edible. Beauty likes dogs. Mina likes dogs. Beauty has a pink nose. Mina has a pink nose. Mina came into the shelter after having whelped puppies. So did Beauty. THE SIMILARITIES ARE ENDLESS!
Beauty is also available in Nevada County and the same rules apply as above with Astro - one Mina per county is enough, says Mina. Apply to adopt Beauty here.

And for today, I am saving the best for last!
Why is he like Mina? Senior citizen, SQUEAKY FOOTBALL RULEZ, Excellent baleful glare while holding squeaky football. EVIDENCE 

How awesome is Samson? Pretty awesome! Like Mina, he was abandoned to the streets, although Mina was at least abandoned at the young age of 3 instead of 10-12. People are so rude.

Samson wants to enjoy his remaining years with you. Trust me, he does. He has perfect ears, like Mina, so that is a definite bonus as perfect ears are not just handed out like those Jesus Loves Me pamphlets! He likes squeaky footballs which are, according to Mina, the only toy a girl needs to keep her happy. Boys too, turns out.

Samson is in Lancaster, CA which is a skeery place for Pit Bulls because their mayor is super freaky and hates Pit Bull and Rottweiler testicles and wants to pipe in calming music as he believes this will stop gang related violence.  Adopt him now before the mayor gets him!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Mina Does When It is 90F

Mina Says It Is Hot
She lounges and pants on the patio furniture.

Celeste is even smarter. She is inside.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Betsy Ross Made a Five Pointed Star

Baby Chicken is Awesome

Oh geez, how cute is this chick-let? She was totally into gnawing on my fingers and snapping at shiny objects. And get this -someone tried to give her to the Sacramento Zoo, and when they told them they don't take chickens, they just dumped the little chick-let at the park across the street.

What the freak is wrong with people? This baby bird is so friendly. She was so friendly, she kept walking up to people looking for a familiar face. Her rescuer, the mother of a zoo employee, was able to just pick the little one up.

This bird would not have survived the night. Period.

I'm in love with her (or him, but we're hoping for her).

She's named after Betsy Ross, which is you know, kinda patriotic. Ross made the very important decision to go with a five-pointed star instead of a six-pointed one. Which is pure genius, because have you ever tried to draw a six-pointed star? It's COMPLICATED. Betsy Ross the chicken is equally amazing and would love to eat a six pointed star so that it only has five points. That's how Betsy Ross bird rolls.