Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Year Ago Today - in Photos

Last year, the sanctuary got a call from a shelter in southern California. This is a shelter trying to transition to no-kill. For a year and a half they had kept 18 roosters in individual rabbit cages. For some of the roosters, this is the only life they knew.

For those of you in the Pit Bull rescue world, you know how hard it is to find good homes for Pit Bulls. Multiply that by a 100 and you get an idea of how hard it is to find placement for ONE fluffy rooster, let alone 18 of various sizes, ages and temperaments.

But when you're dedicated, you can do anything! I worked my butt off and found homes for all but two of the roosters. The remaining two, seen below, were welcomed to the sanctuary. Luke and Finn.

Luke died from liver disease last April. I was happy he got to enjoy a few months of real freedom. Finn is still alive but because he kept getting picked on, he now lives with his own flock of hens and another rooster.

Luke with his heart shapedness
Luke was shaped like a heart.

Finnigan is beautiful
You can buy a photo of him and help the sanctuary.


Schwang said...

I guess I never considered how hard that placement would be. Congrats on finding those homes.

Pibble said...

Poor Luke. I'm happy that he got a taste of freedom for a little while.

And I think Finn might have been playing with you guys so he could get his own flock. :)

Retrieverman said...

It's hard to place roosters because they crow, and they are not very tolerant of other roosters (although this varies from bird to bird and breed to breed. Hint: don't put put two game roosters in the same pen!)

Some people just don't like the crowing.

Rinalia said...

@Schwang: I love roosters but they're often illegal, they talk a lot and thus neighbors often find them irksome. Thanks, they're all happy in their new homes!

@Pibble: Me too, he was very happy those few months. You might be right about Finn - he's a real ladies man but a real wimp w/ other roosters (he loves fighting them through the fence, though!)

@Retrieverman: Exactly. We did have one woman clicker trainer her rooster not to crow, though! She still has him. We have more than a dozen roosters at the sanctuary and they mostly get along. We did try to introduce a few game cocks but that didn't work. Eastern Shore bird sanctuary has more than 30 game cocks and they get along, which is incredible. They have a really intense system of introducing them.