Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celeste Has Hair Between Her Toes

Hairs between the feet, Celeste has them! Celeste is the first dog I have ever had to shed so much. I much prefer short-haired dogs. Celeste's hair gets everywhere. She would look too pathetic shaved, so that is out. Instead, I have to vacuum every other day.

Celeste Feets!

Celeste and Mina Snoozing

But since she is so cute sleeping, I will just have to endure. Mina wants to know why I keep taking photographs. That's silly, she thinks.


Schwang said...

So cute, and so tempting to tickle and blame it on the other dog.

Christina Edwards said...

ahaha! i'd want to play with that hair all day long if she was my doggy.

KG said...

That red and pink and Celeste's collar! And OMG Celeste's ear right between Mina's watchful eyes. This is what I meant about your awesometastic photo skillz.

The New Dog (Nikki, brussels griffon, weirdo) has hair in all kinds of places that Big Dog (Allstar, boxer) doesn't. Between toes, on her chin, around her eyes. Plus she's a scumbag with a capital 'S'.

I never truly appreciated what people meant when they said boxers tend to be meticulously clean dogs, especially because Allstar has epic stinky farts. But then I got Nikki who will happily walk around with applesauce smeared all over her face and egg yolk bits hanging off her ears and mud caked on her feet and now I get it. Allstar is Mr. Clean. Nikki uses every bit of extra spiffs of hair to collect disgusting bits of things that presumably she saves for later.

Interesting what you said about the shedding, though: Nikki actually sheds noticeably less than Allstar, even taking into account that he's Big and she's Little. I think it has to do with the "sticky" terrier hair she has. Or maybe it's part of her weirdness.

Rinalia said...

@Schwang: Celeste would never believe me! She knows Mina would never tickle her toesies!

@Christina: You know, I've never thought to play with it. She's sensitive about her feet, so this is probably a good thing, heh.

@KG: I bought Mina this really nice collar. My mother stated I HAD to buy Celeste one too. Derr. So she got a really cool bubble collar (that is what I call it anyways). Do you have a blog? Or somewhere I can see evidence of this really messy Nikki dog? :)

The Brussels Griffon is known for it's low shedding, I think. Celeste has two coats and thus at least TWO ways for her to lose hair. :)

KG said...

I keep meaning to start a dog blog, but I haven't yet. (There are so many good ones that I follow, I'm frankly kind of intimidated to try one myself.)

I do have lots of photos of my babes on my fbook page, if you are not opposed to flipping through a fbook album. (Or albums, as it were.)

Here's a couple of links to albums if you want to check them out. (Sorry for posting so many...I just love sharing pics of them...probably why I should get a blog!) They should be set to public viewing:
1. Crappy photos taken on my webcam, but I think Nikki looks snuggable: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2244691&id=1616615&l=99cbf0cd0f

2. This one is probs my favorite - it was just after I'd adopted Nikki last summer: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2220616&id=1616615&l=6017b00257

3. More tramping around outside!: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2220626&id=1616615&l=3e1ec53990

4. And this is an album of one of the pits from the shelter to whom I became very attached. He was adopted at the end of last summer, so that was a big yay. I talked about him a couple of times on one of the dog lj comms. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2194918&id=1616615&l=e33a9cdd6a

Anyway, there's more but I shall spare you. :p I love Celeste's bubble collar. I remember you posting about it when you first got it for her and I was all "jealiz! want!" Nikki now has a cat collar with a teeny bell on it because I'm a mean person and it cracks me up to hear her tinkle around the apartment. And you're totally right about the BG's being known for not shedding. I forgot about that. It's the wiry coat, apparently? It's a nice perk.

Laura said...

i think the hair between the toes is adorably cute. i take lots of pictures of puppys and mollys fuzzy feet.

Rinalia said...

@KG: Just do it! If you comment on other blogs, most folks like to return the favor. It takes time to get your blog-mojo, but once it happens, it's a lot of fun!

Nikki is cute! She's got buggy eyes and a crazed look. That is a compliment, by the way! She does look like an alien monkey. :) Allstar is very distinguished and handsome.

@Laura: I really should take more photos of the hair. It is pretty adorable. I don't think Celeste can match the length and shininess of Puppy and Molly's hair, though.

CyborgSuzy said...

My friend went looking for a dog last year and one of her specifications was short hair. She ended up with a mostly white pit/cattle dog mix. That dog's hair is the most annoying ever! It's short but stiff and very visible and she sheds a ton for not having a double coat. It's incredible.