Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adopt a Pigeon, TUFTED FEETS!

This is Austin and he is ridiculously handsome. He has the tufted feet and the pretty plumage and he'd like to be eating with some pigeon friends in a nice, big aviary. He is available for adoption, so gets on it people!

Austin is available for adoption through a nonprofit called Mickacoo who work with local shelters in northern California to find homes for pigeons and doves. Right now, they're facing a little bit of a crisis because there are so many birds in need of placement and so few homes - there's more than 50 Austin's in need of a new home! Wrong!
The types of pigeons and doves Mickacoo rescue cannot survive on their own. Some are escapees from live-market sales, slaughterhouses, squab farms or the unfortunate recipients of misguided kindness, wherein kind-hearted folks buy them from live-market vendors and release them. Some are former homing pigeons or unwanted companions. All deserve a chance at a new home (and it doesn't take much to house and care for these little dudes and dudettes).

If you've got a bit of space, a few materials, and a little bit of time, get your aviary-building groove on and welcome some of these awesome birds into your homes.

Also, no comments on eating pigeons - Austin will peck you to death!



Daisy Dog said...

I had a pigeon that I rescued. It had been attacked by a hawk, and I saved it and took it into the vet. When he (?) was better the vet called and said just release him around where you found him. So I took him where I found him, which was down the street from my house, and released him. Well he didn't go anywhere, and wouldn't fly so I couldn't leave him, so I took him home. I relased him on my patio, which had a covered overhang. I named him Walter. He lived there for over a year, roosted under the overhang and would cooo at me when ever I came out side, I fed him and put water out for him, he would go for a daily flight around, I would watch him, sometimes he would roost on the lines near by, but he always came back. One night when i had a bunch of people over, I think he got scared and flew off at dusk. I never saw him again. i was very sad. he was white with a band on his leg, so I think he must have been a homing bird. But after his attack he never seeemed quite right. His flight paths were a littl loopy.

Rinalia said...

@ Walter! Cute name. Good on you for saving the little dude - you gave him a safe place with food and companionship. He probably had a great life with you!

PoochesForPeace said...

He is very cute.