Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chandler, AZ, No Barking Dogs Allowed - The Silencer!

Chandler, Arizona is faced with a crisis of epic proportions - dogs barking in dog parks.

What the frick, dogs? Why on earth are you barking at a dog park? Don't you know that silence is golden and apparently dog parks are really libraries, so shut up...or else!

The "or else", in this case, is the possible installation of Dog Silencers which will whack your dog, barking or not, with some awesome ultrasonic sound waves. Now, these sound waves are supposed to just be annoyances and all dogs in the dog park, upon hearing them, will be all "That just applies to the dogs barking!" because dogs are capable of that cognitive reasoning, dontcha know!

Sure, a selective use of this product might help reduce the noise level of your neighbor's barking Pomeranian. It might not - not all dogs give a shit about high frequency sound waves, because they're bored and really want the world to know about it. But to use this on all dogs, regardless of whether they're barking or not, seems a bit silly and rude.


Pibble said...

OMG. That is so ridiculous. Is the park in a hospital zone? Do the kids get to yell and scream? Can we dog folk get Kid Silencers?

Years ago, my brother bought some sort of ultra-high frequency device contraption thingy that was supposed to silence the dogs when they heard it. It perked up their ears and sent them running around the house... BARKING.

I might have to camp out at the park with a video camera.

Rinalia said...

@Pibble: I know, it's completely inane! I'd love a Kid Silencer, but I guess parents can be just as irked by such a suggestion as dog owners are...CRAZY.

I don't think it will work the way they would like. Some dogs will ignore it, some will bark, others will be like WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG? Chaos will ensue.

Mary said...

Wouldn't an irritating noise just lead to more barking?