Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chattanooga Police Wonder Why Dog Mauls Bumper

Earlier I wrote about a dog who was "going to court" for attacking a police car bumper. I thought the whole situation sounded fishy. I mean, the dog didn't sound like he was eating anyone or really aggressive. Anyways, the dog is getting returned to his owner, so long as he gets some obedience training. He has to wear a "potentially dangerous" tag as well, so that moving police cars will know to avoid him. How a dog who does nothing more than chew on something gets labeled potentially dangerous is beyond me. But hey, stranger things have happened.

Anyways, now we have VIDEO EVIDENCE of just how stupid the Chattanooga Police were in dealing with this dog. And! We also have the answer to why the dog was mauling the police car. It is because the police car was playing tug of war with  him. I am not making that up. Watch the video. The dog is having a grand old time gnawing on the bumper, because get this, the police officer backs up, drives forward, backs up, drives forward repeatedly while the dog is tugging away. I don't know about you, but that's pretty much how I play tug of war with my dogs. Minus the bumper and all. I don't let my dogs get fixated, of course, and they know drop it. With a little refinement, Winston could become a professional de-bumperizer at the scrap yard. Put his good skills to work, yo.

There are actually three dogs in the video. Winston is obviously the one attached to the bumper, but he is egged on by another happy mixed breed dog. For reals. That brown dog is all DO IT! DO IT! and so Winston is all OKAY! The black dog is probably, in my opinion, the only one to be concerned about, but they tasered Winston instead (and no one got to yell, don't tase me, bro!)

I love it when they have video of these things. It generally shows the incredibly illogical behavior humans exhibit.


Michelle said...

So funny. I was watching the video last night and the first thing I thought was why does the cop keep coming at that dog with the car? And with 2 other ones running around by it. Yeah- that's safe.

If he was too scared to get out he should've just called for backup!

Rinalia said...

I think you hear the cop in the car w/ the video, at one point, say "just stop the car". I just don't understand why they didn't wait for animal control to show up. There wasn't any reason to keep driving (which was dangerous to other people).

In the end, all three dogs are lucky to be alive.

Liz said...

That's so funny, I was going to email this to you!

I posted this on my blog as well, sans the video.

What I love about this story is they made LIGHT OF IT! And, the headline said "Dog that attacked police cars must attend classes" NOT "PIT BULL attacks Police car." I loved that.

The other part I LOVED was the sentence the dog got. Mandatory training! If only every state issued this ind of "punishment" on so-called "vicious" dogs, we wouldn't have to euthanize, impound, and ban "potentially vicious" dogs, regardless of breed.

I like how this judge thinks. And as far as the video goes...I didn't see how it started, because the video doesn't show that. What I'd like to know is:

1. Why were these dogs loose?
2. Why were the officers there?
3. How did it start?
4. What would interest a dog in eating a bumper?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who watched this and thought the same exact thing!

The story ended much more happily than I expected after I first read that the dog was being held and his owner said she couldn't believe the police didn't shoot him...

Although, I'm not really sure if that is more of a comment on what she thinks would have been a justifiable action, or her opinion of her local police.

Pai said...

How is attacking a car bumper grounds for calling a dog dangerous/vicious? People seriously don't know what real 'aggression' even is.