Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sioux City - They Want to Kill Your Dog

On April 1, look out dog owners, the Sioux City police will be using everyone's tax dollars to go door to door flushing out would-be pit bull type dogs. If you have a dog remotely resembling a pit bull, expect to have your dog confiscated and summarily executed.

If giving everyone in the US health care makes us communist, what exactly does going door to door and killing people's nonviolent pets make us?


Retrieverman said...

Dog fascists.

Kind of reminds me of what Mao's red guards did to dogs during the Cultural Revolution.

But they killed all dogs.

No matter what the breed.

Is there any appeals process or anything like due process in the Sioux City statute?

Rinalia said...

That's awful.

There is an appeal process if a Pit Bull is impounded and the owner wants to challenge the impoundment:

But it is set up in the city's favor.

Anonymous said...

So, was this edict timed deliberately to coincide with Passover, or was that just a happy coincidence?