Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Dog is not What You Think She Is

This puppy is available for adoption and she is absolutely adorable. ADOPT HER NOW.

But, let's talk about her mix for a moment. They have her labeled as a Pit Bull Dachshund mix. Also, because she is a Pit Bull mix, people in Stockton and Oakland are not allowed to adopt her. I'm sorry, say again? Is there something I don't know that precludes Stockton and Oakland residents from having Pit Bull mixed breed dogs? Further, you have to be 30 (she normally requires a person to be 25). Like for reals.

And if it is true that this is a one-woman operation, well, whoa to 48 dogs on one property. While I can ignore the screaming CAPS at her petfinder page, I do find this statement a little sketchy: "THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY FOR ME OR EVEN A VET TO KNOW WHAT A PUP IS HARBORING. THIS IS CALLED SAVING A LIFE" Um, well, sure there are tests to find out if a dog has parvo or if a puppy is harboring stuff like worms and parasites. And if something is wrong, well tough shit folks, because it's called saving a life. Wow, way to blame the hapless adopter.

The dog has a merle dilution pattern. This is not acceptable or traditionally found in American Pit Bull Terriers (and bringing it up in a Pit Bull community inspires a lot of debate).

If this dog is not a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier (assuming the merle pattern has historically occurred in Pit Bulls), then she is most likely a Catahoula cross or Catahoula Bulldog cross. I would assume the former crossed with American Pit Bull Terrier. It seems doubtful she is a Dachshund Pit Bull cross, unless the rescuer has seen either sire or dam and can confirm.


Retrieverman said...

Catahoula cur crossed with American bulldog or pit bull.

Her ancestors were probably catch dogs for hog hunting.

slave2tehtink said...

..That woman's petfinder page scares me. She's rescuing 30-50 pups a month and I'm guessing that zero vet checks are going on from her "if the puppy is sick, you're just stuck with it attitude".

Actually, the whole operation really scares me.

Rinalia said...

It does me, too. It is sketchy, at best. I'm not sure what would be the best course of action. So far as I can tell, she's not violating any laws...unless the animals are in neglectful conditions at the property.