Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to do When a Pit Bull Attacks

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Some highlights:
“They are an extremely vicious breed, and they always have been. They’ll come after you,” Duhamell says. “The more you pull way from them, the more they’ll lock down and start ripping skin and muscle.”

Cruelty to pit bulls
Mina has always been a vicious breed and always will be. Not all of us get to be an entire breed, but Mina does.
(If pit bulls can be trained to be unaggressive, can labs be trained not to fetch? Just asking.)
I don't know, is this guy really just asking? I would comment more (and I thought about it), but I think this is a very silly statement and does not deserve anything more than what I have just written. And that is probably too much.

ETA: A Midwest Activist posted about this as well. She's more thoughtful than me. :)


Retrieverman said...

There are Labs that do schutzhund.

It kind of bothers me. It's very much sleecting away from what Labrador is supposed to be.

You can untrain a retriever to fetch. It takes a lot of aversives, but you can do it.

And a lot cracked pot trainers do it all the time.

CyborgSuzy said...

Slooooow news day.

Next up at 8 - Sporks: what you don't know about them COULD KILL YOU!

Schwang said...

And how long will she keep that hat on?

Nichole said...

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Love it.

Mary said...

Has anyone pointed out that labs actually have to be trained to fetch? I mean, there is certainly a natural affinity for fetching, but you still actually have to teach the dog to bring the object back to you.

Today is one of those days where I just hate people.

Pibble said...

OMG how did I miss this post? I mean, Mina dressed as a cow and putting up with it?

Oh, yeah. And the stuff about a Pit Bull ripping and tearing skin and muscle, blah, blah. Heard that a million times. I guess that guy's never met a mean Pomeranian. Now, there's a dog that'll come after you. I've seen it, personally. I have video. Yeah.