Friday, March 19, 2010

He May Be Blind, But He Will Guess Dog Breed Anyways

The harness of a blind man's dog was bitten. This is real news.

Anyways, so this man's dog's harness is bitten. He claims the dog was a Pit Bull.

He could not see the dog, except maybe the dog had a pink nose and a brown coat.

Mina would like you all to know that she was NOT in the UK.

I think it is awful this man's dog's harness was attacked. Okay, that is mean of me. If he had not worn a harness, the dog might have received puncture wounds. Dog fights are serious business and they suck. So really, I *am* happy the dog is okay. But, I do not think it is news. It is also questionable that a news media outlet would publicize the name of the dog's breed when, in fact, the dog was not seen clearly.

They claim dog bites man isn't news, but only if the dog isn't a Pit Bull. And even if he might not be a Pit Bull and is just a pink-nosed mongrel, it's news, because someone whispered those magic words Pit Bull!


Schwang said...

Its so unfortunate pitbulls have developed their own "brand name" associated with violent dogs. Kind of like we all see Kleenex, and Band-aid.

Princess said...

hmmm...weird that it was a pit bull in the U.K. when the U.K. has banned pit bulls since the early 1990s...

I know that doesn't stop people from having them...but seems weird to assume it's a dog that isn't even allowed to be in the country!