Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bob Veal Slaughterhouse to Re-Open

Bushway slaughters male dairy calves. They have a long history of improper stunning, skinning fully conscious animals, and cruel mistreatment. It was only after an HSUS undercover investigation that the plant was FINALLY shut down. Now they are re-opening, but under a different name, Champlain Valley Meats, Inc. Because a new name will magically fix the problem. The plant will be operated by the same people, minus one.

So even though there is a criminal investigation occurring and even though this plant, which has a looong history of animal welfare violations, and even though this plant is being run by the SAME people...well, shoot, go ahead and keep on with business as usual.

This is ridiculous.

I wrote a bit about Bushway and the whistleblower whose complaints were ignored before.

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Pibble said...

How?! How can they reopen when they have an eye witness? Isn't there an open investigation? Will there be regular checks, hopefully without warning, to ensure those poor animals aren't being treated the way they were before? This is just wrong.