Monday, March 15, 2010

How a Pit Bull Falls Asleep

Mina would like to demonstrate how Pit Bulls fall asleep in a very emo way. Be impressed.

Pit Bull Falling Asleep

Pit Bull Falling Alseep Even More

Pit Bull Alseep

Mina is a pretty awesome sleeper.


Amanda said...

Aghhhhh, too...cute...for...words. =) Love it. I swear, I see the same spirit in Mina and our Paisley girl. The colors in these photos are so awesome too.

Retrieverman said...

Mina reminds me of my old golden boxer. She had exactly the same expressions and mannerisms.

I lost her to osteosarcoma when she was 11 years old.

Rinalia said...

@Amanda: Mina is pretty darn adorable. If Paisley had a pink nose, I'd think she was Mina's long-lost sister. :)

@Retrieverman: That face! Oh, what a sweet, sweet face. Mina's greying isn't quite as distinguished as hers was.

Schwang said...

I love how you captured that.

Pibble said...

Your title is incorrect. It should be "How a Beautiful, Relaxed, Pit Bull Falls Asleep."

She looks so happy and comfy.