Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dogs in the news

Two beloved family pets were "accidentally" euthanized by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control in North Carolina. How the frick do you accidentally kill two family pets?

In Australia, a magical Arabian mastiff "mauled" a toddler. This is a new definition of mauling that involves one bite to the face leaving the child with a laceration and a punctured lip. Speedy recovery to the child but that is not a mauling, that is a dog bite. Also, what is an Arabian mastiff?

Everyone is blaming the victim of a dog bite. The dog? A French Bulldog belonging to Martha Stewart. It's one thing to discuss the reasons for a dog bite, it's another to just blame the victim for, in this case, picking up what she thought was a friendly dog during a photo shoot. Why would she expect a dog she knew to bite her? (I am not saying she isn't "responsible" for the bite, just that it's a little ludicrous to outright blame her). I do not need to imagine how different the comments would have been if the dog was a Pit Bull.

Livingston County Animal Control is changing the hold period before animals are killed from 14-days to 30-days. Holy crap, I wish most shelters in the US had that kind of problem versus "Should we hold them 2 business days or 4?"


Retrieverman said...

What IS an Arabian mastiff?!

Liz said...

There is no such thing as an Arabian Mastiff.

I agree, a BITE is not a MAULING. See how the media twists things and takes stories out of context?

About the Frenchie...All I have to say is, at least Isaboo didn't bite a PERSON!!

Retrieverman said...

I found something.

The type of dog used to catch feral pigs in Australia is called a "bull arab."

A cross between this working breed, which has bull and terrier type, greyhound, and pointer blood, and some form of mastiff is an Arabian mastiff in Arabian mastiff.

And no, I have no idea why this breed is called a bull arab.