Thursday, March 18, 2010

Car Eating Dog To Go To Court

The title of this article is stupid. Unless dogs can take counsel and pay lawyers, they don't go to court at all.

The story goes like this: A dog who likes moving lawn mowers attacks and eats like six tires and a bumper.

Everyone seems to think this dog is a menace to society. It seems like he has a compulsive obsessive streak.

The owner does not know why he attacked the car tires. He never exhibited this behavior. Untrue! The dog chased moving and dangerous lawn mowing devices. I am sure he exhibited this behavior, in other forms.

The dog was tasered. I am not sure why. The owner is surprised he wasn't shot. Since when is chewing on tires a mortal offense? He was not trying to bite anyone. He did not attack any human or animal. At the shelter, he has been a nice, friendly bloke.
"But he's not on trial for being aggressive toward people. He's on trial for what happened that day."
This would be laughable if not for the fact the dog might be killed. I am not sure why this dog is on trial at all. It is a waste of taxpayers money. The owner should pay for the broken car parts and all should be well with the world. And since the owner thinks shooting dogs for chewing tires is acceptable, this dog should be adopted into a home. A real one. You know the kind - dogs get invited inside every now and then, and they are discouraged from chasing lawn mowers.


Maureen said...

You are on a winning streak today! Another great commentary!

Rinalia said...

@Maureen: Hey, awesome! Thank you. :)