Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poplar Bluff Residents have a Few Days to Register Pit Bulls

Most dog-bite incidents in Poplar Bluff and investigations of dangerous and vicious dogs involve pit bulls.
"At least 50 percent of the dogs in Poplar Bluff are pit bulls," Hastings said.
Somehow, Poplar Bluff officials believe that phasing out current Pit Bulls will eliminate vicious dogs and the dog bite problem.

This is faulty logic. Of course Pit Bull bites will be reduced when fewer of them are around.

Any group of dogs that make up fifty percent of the dog population will be statistically more likely to be involved in dog bite incidents. This is not because Pit Bulls are inherently more dangerous, but by the numbers, they will be involved in more dog bites.

I will make this guarantee. In 10-15 years, Poplar Bluff will still have dog bite incidents involving dogs. Probably still involving illegal Pit Bulls. The most common biters will be those dogs who comprise the largest percentage of dogs in the city.

If I am still blogging then (and I will be) and, more importantly, I can remember to look back (less likely) to this post, we'll see how Poplar Bluff is doing.

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