Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toronto Humane Society Kills Dogs with Placement

The Toronto Humane Society's mission: To promote the humane care and protection of all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering. 

On March 26th, late in the evening, 6 dogs and 19 cats were killed at the Toronto Humane Society. Five of those dogs were Pit Bulls much beloved by some THS staff and volunteers. They were also five dogs who were in the process of being transferred or placed in rescue.

In my book, promoting humane care and protecting animals does not involve killing five dogs with placement. It does not involve killing those dogs and cats under the cloak of night, without letting any concerned staff or volunteers intimately familiar with, in this case, the five dogs they knew and loved. I understand it is not always possible to let everyone know about the deaths of animals, but I can't help but feel this is just another slap in the face to the people who cared most about these dogs.

The Toronto Humane Society defends their irresponsibility with this gem on their website (Breaking News! We kill adoptable dogs!!):

First, Toronto Humane Society, killing healthy animals is not euthanasia. It is killing healthy animals. Second, killing animals with placement is not euthanasia. There is nothing kind about taking the life of an animal who has a place to go. Killing at least five healthy dogs with rescues to take them is the opposite of "responsible animal care decision" making.

Fred over at One Bark at a Time says it best, "We Failed You" - look at those faces. Tell me why they deserved to die?

Photo by Mel Laking
Peti, one of the five Pit Bulls mercilessly killed. From Selkie: "There is no question that for many of us, Peti was, remains and will always be the most loving, butt wiggling, face-licking sweetheart that ever existed.  An old gentleman, who came back last summer after years of a successful adoption, there is no dog ever that exuded so much sweet energy and love to the world. "

YesBiscuit!: Toronto Humane Society Kills 25 Pets

(Also, I will not touch the OSPCA/THS debacle w/ a 10' pole.)


Pibble said...

I read this on Fred's blog, and when I saw their pictures it just made me cry. Those earnest faces and deep, beautiful, pleading eyes. What did they do to deserve this sentence? "In the process of being transferred or rescued..." and the rug was pulled out from under them. It's so unjust; their lives were taken away and the trust of volunteers' was broken.

Good luck, THS. You're going to need it.

Nicole said...

Even dogs and cats have the right to live. So let's help saving them and protecting them. I suggest we helped each other in helping charities that aim to be one with them. Let's donate car, foods, clothes, and houses for pets.