Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elgin Council Member has a Prediction!

There were 119 reported dog bites in Elgin last year. It is a 3-yr downward trend in dog bites. In a town of 104,000, 119 dog bites a year is not statistically significant (unless there are only 119 dogs!)

Elgin also wanted to implement breed specific legislation but backed off of the proposal.

Today, council member John Prigge, has a prediction!

He predicts that something this year is going to happen involving a Pit Bull (no doubt an aggressive encounter, not your run of the mill normal encounters) and he just hopes it won't be tragic. He does not outright say "And if it does happen, I told you so!" or if it doesn't happen "Well, thank goodness because a tragedy was avoided. Pit Bulls are still dangerous."

I have a prediction! Some time this year, a person in Elgin, driving a red car, will get into a car accident! If it's true, see? Red cars are the dangerous. I told you so. And if it doesn't, well, good, because no one wants a person to get into a car accident. Red cars still dangerous!

John Prigge already has an opinion about Pit Bulls and, if he could, he'd let it shape public policy. If there is no Pit Bull attack this year, John Prigge will still believe Pit Bulls are dangerous and should be banned. If there is a Pit Bull attack, John Prigge will use that to reinforce his bias. John Prigge's thoughts and feelings on Pit Bulls never change. Whether a Pit Bull attacks is moot. This is circular reasoning. It should not be used to create discriminatory laws.


Nichole said...

This is the issue that we're facing in Indianapolis. We managed to stave off BSL last year but Mike Speedy is hell bent getting it passed. He brings it up every time there is a dog issue.

We have had a few incidents in the past two weeks with pit bulls, but he fails to recognize that the issue is at-large dogs in all cases, not the breed of the dog.

So frustrating.

Retrieverman said...

Specious reasoning:


Rinalia said...

@Nichole: It IS so frustrating! Hope Indy dog advocates can keep Speedy at bay.

@Retrieverman: The Simpsons explain so much better than me. I love them!