Saturday, March 13, 2010

Serious Mauling But No Mention of Breed

A 3-yr-old Alabama girl was bitten more than 50 times and received more than 160 stitches after being mauled, and I mean mauled, by her neighbor's three dogs. The original article fails to mention the dogs' breed as well.

The breeds of dogs are never mentioned in the entire article. At all. But you can watch the video and see the dogs for yourself.

Here they are, pretty distinguishable as a Cattle Dog and two Labrador Retrievers

The dogs were running loose when they encountered the 3-yr-old girl playing in her front yard. There is a chance the owners may get the dogs back after a 10-day quarantine.

These are well-fed animals. They have nice collars and identification tags. The last dog is afraid, you can read it clearly in the tense body, salivation, pinned down ears, and averted glance.

A look at the six or seven some odd articles covering the story:
Dogs attack, drag toddler - breed mentioned in the article
Toddler recovering after dog attack - video of dogs included, breed mentioned in article (same news org, breed mentioned in article.)
Press editorial, mentions dog breeds in article

Compare that to the title selection for a case in which a police officer shot a Pit Bull:

Alton officer kills pit bull that attacked him

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Kim Bell - ‎13 hours ago‎
ALTON — The 60-pound pit bull named Scrappy who attacked an Alton police officer Thursday morning still had his jaws clamped down over the ...
Belleville News Democrat

If people really don't believe there isn't a bias in the reporting of dog bite cases, then they have their heads in the sand and are acting irrational. 

Speedy recovery to this young victim.

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