Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Dog Night

Managing three dogs is hard, especially when one requires potty breaks every four hours including at 2 in the morning. This lack of sleep makes me irritable so I solace myself with wine and chocolate. This too shall pass.

Sherman no longer appreciates his crate. I use bits of unmentionables (animal products) to lure him in. He is catching on to the con.

Celeste spends all her time in my room, hiding. She leaps with joy when its time to go to work, away from the puppy.

Mina is refusing to come when called and looks at me with such woe to make a person without tear ducts cry. Am I giving off some unhappy chemical concoction that makes her afraid? She still curls up next to me on the sofa.

Sherman is convinced Mina is a goddess of some sort. While Mina would normally appreciate the attention, she is a firm believer goddesses should luxuriate in the sun and be proffered food. Instead, she gets Sherman.

Celeste paces a lot when the puppy is in the crate. She looks forward to our walks, just me and her.

Mina likes that Sherman likes to bark at other barking dogs. She has a partner in crime.

Sherman is learning to drop his toys. His "come" is only functional without Mina around. She is a bad influence.

These are the downsides of adding a third temporary dog. The whole household is disrupted, the norms are transformed into different. Habits, those comfortable and comforting things, must change and new ones made. Adjustments take a bit of time, but they too will come.

I love some of it, hate some of it.

I miss sleep the most.

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