Friday, January 21, 2011

Ontario Dog Guardian Faces NO Charges After Dog Attacks

Yeah, that dog? He was left loose outside a supermarket while his nitwit guardian mindlessly shopped for crap he probably didn't need anyways.

I hate seeing dogs outside of supermarkets, leashed or - like this dog - just roaming free. You know how dogs hate going to the vet because it's smelly and loud and scary? Yeah, well the supermarket is an outdoor vet with a lot of weird people (NOT ME) walking by, screaming kids, loud carts, moving cars, and a lot of strange smells.

Dogs are uber unpredictable in these types of settings, I don't care if you're dog thinks exploding bombs are awesome.

This German Shepherd wasn't leashed, which means people who are afraid of dogs become moving targets who can't get away from large, aggressive animals who want to bite them. And so this dog first bit a 16-yr-old girl on the shoulder. As in the dog did not react fearfully by just trying to, I dunno, bite a leg or arm anywhere near him. He was going for the neck/throat/face area. Another man wasn't as lucky - he was bitten in the face and neck, requiring 20 stitches to close the wounds. The third victim froze like a tree and only her jacket suffered under the dog's wrath.

But get this, the owner of the dog? No criminal charges whatsoever!

In Ontario, it's criminal having a dog in your possession who resembles a Pit Bull.  Free pass to everyone else, I guess.

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