Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chickens Are a Serious Lot

About 80 hens arrived from an egg farm that was depopulating. They are 3-yrs-old and super adorable and inquisitive. Another 110 hens will be arriving today from another farm. They are only a 1-yr-old. All will be placed into new homes. I visited the 80 yesterday and got some shots of them being, you know, chicken-y.

Chickens are very serious. EXHIBIT A:
Serious Hen is Serious

Chickens also should have arms. Imagine how much more awesome they would be with little T-rex arms.
Chickens Should Have Arms

Grass nomming is an ancient Chicken Art. Dogs pretend they are chickens when they eat grass, but they can never achieve Great Chicken-ness like a chicken can.
Hens Nomming On Grass

Chickens Are Serious - EXHIBIT B:
Black Hen is Serious

These two hens are BFFs. Yes, chickens have social preferences.
Best Friends

Chickens can have graceful lines, all curving symmetry:
Grooming Hen

But mostly, chickens are serious. EXHIBIT C:
Serious Hen is Also Noble

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