Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Layla the Pit Bull Mix is being trained to sniff out peanuts, hopefully providing protection to her young guardian, a 6-yr-old child with severe peanut allergies.

A man who has been arrested 41 times tried to sexually assault a woman. Her neighbor heard the screams and came to her aid...along with his big Great Dane. The dog cornered the suspect until authorities could take him away.

Mounting public pressure has forced a school to permit a 12-yr-old's epileptic service dog at school...not to mention the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Dog Attacks

An Akita attacked a woman, biting her multiple times on the arms. The dog had attacked a person in the previous week but because it's winter and cold, the dog only bit the jacket of the person.

A Wheaton Terrier and Rottweiler permitted to roam off leash while being walked by a friend of their owner mauled a pedestrian. The Rottweiler was shot and the Wheaton tasered.

A German Shepherd running loose bit a man in the buttocks.

A German Shepherd "nipped" at a woman's face and, you know, tore it off. Quite the nip!

A woman whose dog attacked a man has been fined in the UK. In a strange story, she was holding the...get this - 99lb dog when he "leapt" from her arms and mauled the dude.Maybe it was poor wording on the news agency's part, because really? Holding a 99lb dog in mid-air and having him leap wildly about? Does not seem plausible. The dog was a German Shepherd-Rottweiler cross.

Two dogs described as Labrador Retrievers killed 15 chickens and a rabbit.

A caller from the 21000 block of Big Oak Drive reported a Labrador dog had killed another dog in the area and now appeared to be “hassling” the caller's goats. The information was forwarded to Animal Control. (no link, it was in my local paper's police blotter)

Two Huskies with a history of animal aggression broke into a woman's yard, tore open her daughter's rabbit cage and savagely and brutally killed the two pet rabbits. There is a picture at the article depicting the dog gnawing on one of the poor bunnies (as a warning). The rabbits were five years old and well loved by the family. The mother tried to save them but the dogs attempted to attack her as well. The dogs did consume the rabbits, the picture does not indicate a severely malnourished dog but the coat of hair could be hiding that.

A Bull-mastiff attacked his owner, information is sketchy. The woman's husband tried killing the dog but sucked at shooting dogs and the dog was subsequently killed by the sheriff's department.

An english Mastiff permitted to run loose ended up biting a girl after she fed him bread and then tried to hug him. The parents of the child knew the dog was present but did not keep all the children inside nor did they call authorities until after the bite.  Amazingly, a day after the attack...the was once again roaming loose. Geez.

Strange family drama in the comments of this article, but the gist of the story is that a woman's dogs got out and mauled her nephew's girlfriend. There were four dogs, all mixed breeds. She suffered fifty bite wounds. A man (related to the grandmother who owns the dogs) was walking his dog (who is said to be highly aggressive) and helped the woman.

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