Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Them Two Other Dogs

It's like journalists - or what passes for journalists this day and age - hear Pit Bull and start salivating. How Pavlovian of them.

In Crittenden County, outside city limits, leash  laws are for losers.

Without a leash law, it's legal for these two kids to let their three dogs run loose. The instigator is a small terrier mix with a bad attitude. The dog who likes to help the instigator is a larger terrier mix, also with a bad attitude. But the only dog who gets a real SHOUT OUT is a Pit Bull mix who joined in on the bite, but also has a bad attitude.

Pit Bull is mentioned like five million times. When referring to the guardian of the dogS (to emphasize plurality), he is referred to as the Pit Bull owner. Like is this crap for reals? YES AND IT IS SO SAD! Mutts got the short end of this stick, they don't even get a mention.

Oh well, hope this poor woman who got bitten is successful in her attempt at getting a leash law in place. She was traumatized and deserves not to be in fear of taking a leisurely stroll down to the pond.

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