Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things You Should Know About Sherman

Sherman has been here for a grand total of 2.5 hours, not including the 40 minute drive to my house.

Let's start there.

Things You Should Know About Sherman In the Car
  1. Sherman does not get carsick
  2. Sherman believes the console and seatbelt are edible
  3. Sherman loves to play with a stuffed snowman in lieu of a console and seatbelts
  4. Sherman respects boundaries and does not want to drive for you
  5. However, Sherman wants to sniff you ear. A lot.
Things You Should Know About Sherman and the Crate
  1. Sherman is not crate-trained.
  2. Sherman knows how to bark.
  3. Loud.
  4. Sherman is Concerned about being Left Alone
  5. Sherman does not hate the crate.
  6. He hates when you leave.
  7. Sherman likes when you move the crate to the living room and tell him he is beautiful.
Things You Should Know About Sherman and Other Dogs
  1. Sherman likes other dogs.
  2. Sherman would like to be outside of the crate to be with other dogs.
  3. Sherman eyes Mina like she is going to be a giant chew toy. Mina has other plans.
Things You Should Know About Sherman and Intelligence
  1. Sherman is smart.
  2. Sherman already knows how to sit and watch.
  3. Sherman likes to make eye contact and snorgle
  4. Sherman thinks kongs and occupi toys are neato bandito
Sherman loves toys. A lot. We went on a short walk and a toy served as great reinforcement for "come".

I have to admit, it was incredibly stressful bringing Sherman in. Dog-arranging is more art, than science. I was initially planning on introducing Sherman to the girls tomorrow, through the crate. But everyone wanted to meet, and Mina was calm but stressed. She toted a kong around the whole time, but she would take treats and sniff Sherman politely through the cage. Celeste did not issue one growl.

Everyone is zonked out right now. I think Sherman will always have to be where me and the girls are.

I will feel slightly bad for the neighbors when I have to go to work. I come home at lunch, but I don't think Sherman is going to be quiet. Oh well, I will try and get him to mold with the crate tomorrow and Monday, my weekend.

One more thing you should know about Sherman: He's Cute. Pictures tomorrow.

Oh, one MORE thing. He's available for adoption. ADOPTION!

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