Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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It's a doozy!

A mixed breed dog maintains a vigil on her fallen 11-yr-old guardian's grave. The child died during massive floods that have ravaged Brazil...the dog watched her buried and remained grave-side for three days. This is so sad, someone needs to rescue that dog stat and give her so much love, she bursts.

Companion animals may improve our moods but "evidence" is thin they improve health...granted, improving one's mood can create a cascade effect of improving one's health, but whatevs.

Oops, our bad! SWAT strikes again, raiding the wrong home, holding an innocent family at gunpoint and threatening to shoot their family dog. Sorry! In another, oops, our bad, police shoot a Foxhound mix twice when they illegally enter the dog owner's backyard looking for a SUPER THREATENING PROWLER doing prowly things like lurking.

The Fraternal Order of Police are holding a rally for a police officer who received a reprimand for letting loose his police dog on a 10-yr-old boy guilty of, I don't know, looking black or something. MY BAD FOR IMPLYING RACIST UNDERPININGS! The boy was just wandering around, minding his bizness, when KABOOM! a giant dog is dangling off his legs. The Fraternal Order of Police are all upset the officer has been reprimanded even though the internal audit of the debacle stated that the officer did not follow proper protocol in releasing his hound on the hapless yoot!

Also, comply with officers requests if you are in Portland, Oregon, because zomg! they will tackle you to the ground, taser you multiple times and then let their police dog maul you hard enough to rip open your knee tendons and leave you permanently disfigured. Sorry that you were the wrong dude! Or maybe don't, you might get 1.3 million out of the city!

New Zealand fear mongering after a dog hugged by a strange toddler finally gave up his tense struggle to resist biting and nailed the child in the face. Once. But let's call it a good 'ol fashioned mauling by a dog who FLIPPED IN THE AIR. Call some records book, b/c it's crazy amazing a mastiff did a full 360 flip in the air. Goodness knows why a mum would let an itty-bitty tyke wander up to an unrestrained MASTIFF who are, in fact, the size of small horses. Now she is afraid for HER LIFE b/c obviously the dog was owned by a gang member. No duh.

Dog Bites
Wow. So there is this household that had a dog bite a kid. They got rid of that dog. And got another - a 7-yr-old dog that had been with the family for three weeks. The dog, a Labrador Retriever, was left alone with a child and mauled her face. They kept the dog. And obviously they left the dog alone with the child AGAIN. And he bit her. AGAIN. Like these are seriously the kind of people who should not have dogs. Probably not kids, either. YES I AM JUDGING.

A couple had their home broken into and the garden gate left opened. Unaware the gate remained open, they let their two Akitas out for a potty break. The male dog slipped out and encountered three small dogs being walked by their guardian. The dog attacked two of the dogs, nearly killing one.

A Cheasapeake Bay Retriever, according to his owner, just doesn't like this one dude. He charged at the man once, while the man was walking his daughter...and then, in a show of neighborly friendliness, the dog bit the man in the face as he chatted it up with his neighbor, the dog's owner. But hey! The dog is just a puppy at 14-mos old (really!) and biting faces so hard they require reconstructive surgery just comes as second nature. The dog isn't being killed (good) but isn't being required to, you know, be properly restrained and trained not to bite faces (bad).

A woman in the UK was either nipped or scratched by a Golden Retriever, one of four dogs being walked by one person.

A trial continues in the UK involving a man whose five German Shepherds are responsible for multiple attacks on people and other animals. 

A boy was nipped or scratched by a Boston Terrier or Cocker Spaniel when the dogs were allowed to run loose.

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