Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sheep Tails

Interactive fun time! Go to google images and type in "sheep tails".

If everything goes smoothly, you'll come up with a photo I took of Aiden the sheep's tail:

Aiden sheep's tail
Sexy, amirite?

This is how I imagine people find this photo.
Friend #1: Sheep don't have tails!
Friend #2: They do too!
Friend #1: No, they don't. In my dreams, they are TAILLESS leaping dramatically and with great frivolity over fences and stuff.
Friend #2: Mutant sheep!
Friend #1: GOOGLE-FU!
*google-fu commenced*
Friend #2: Told you!

My imagination is full of win, I know. This photo, though, is one of my most popular ones. Amazing. It's not even that good.

That is all.

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