Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sherman Has Many Good Sides

It's true. Pictorial evidence ahead. Also, more Things You Should Know About Sherman, just in case potential adopters are reading all about Sherman. They should be, because he is pretty awesome.

Things Sherman Likes to Put In His Mouth
  1. Leaves, see above
  2. Toys, see below
  3. Bones
  4. Tree limbs
  5. Seatbelts and consoles
  6. Tree roots
  7. Hands. Until a squeaking sound occurs, and then he is horrified.
  8. Treats and with great gentleness.
Things You Should Know About Sherman and Playing
  1. He loves to play
  2. Sherman is superb at the zoomies, if not a bit awkward. Awkward = entertaining. 
  3. Sherman is unaware of where his legs are going. They often disagree with his head and body.
Sherman Can Sorta Run

Things You Should Know About Sherman
  1. He is insanely adorable
  2. Sherman is cute
  3. He is going to grow up to be incredibly handsome
Sherman Loves Toys

Sherman is available for adoption.

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