Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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A woman walking her Beagle was attacked at knife-point and dragged back to her home (no mention of what happens to the Beagle). The man assaulted her. As he was about to rape her, the woman's other dog, a Pit Bull named Purple, ran into the room and bit the man. She was able to escape. Authorities are looking for the suspect.

Two years ago, a homeless man and his dog were attacked by thugs. The man was stabbed multiple times. The dog, a Pit bull, came to his defense, biting the attackers. She was stabbed as well. Tragically, the man died and the dog was left with multiple injuries. She ended up at a shelter and eventually at a no-kill sanctuary where she remained...until recently. Samantha has now been adopted!

Dog Attacks - none reported by
Favorite quote: "I'm not against dogs. What I'm against is the dog biting my daughter"
A small mixed breed attacked a 7-yr-old girl riding her bike. The wound required 11 stitches to close.

Two Beagles at a doggy-day care center mauled to death a Pomeranian.

A German Shepherd in the UK bit a child in the face. The dog belonged to the child's family.

Two German Shepherds and an Akita, permitted to run off lead, in the UK attacked a Jack Russell Terrier, but his owner was able to intervene.

A mixed breed dog, who attacked a postal worker in 2009, has bitten again. The victim this time is a 71-yr-old woman who was bitten multiple times. You can see a picture of the dog at the article.

A 6-yr-old Belgian Malinois police dog was shot dead after he went missing and charged at someone. Well, story is more convoluted than that, but that's the gist.

A German Shepherd police dog being walked off-leash attacked a Finnish Spitz. The dog later died from her wounds.

An officer responding to a silent alarm call was bitten by the owner's dogs, a German SHepherd and mixed breed. The other officer present fired a warning shot, and the dogs backed off. The wounds were minor.

An elderly, geriatric 25-yr-old swan was mauled by a Jack Russell Terrier. The swan died from the wounds.

Two Huskies in Australia killed a Jack Russell Terrier and injured the dog's owner.

A Labrador Retriever cross (they say German Shepherd, looks like a big black Lab mix), attacked the 4-yr-old niece of the dog's owner in the face when she was alone in the kitchen with the dog. The owner of the dog then proceeded to take the dog out back and shoot him twice, only causing injury. The dog was later shot dead by police.

A Labrador Retriever and Boxer running loose attack a man and his dog in his garage.

A Labrador Retriever mix and Greyhound being walked off leash attacked a smaller dog, knocking the dog's owner over in the process. The owner of the larger dogs left without rendering assistance.

Two Alaskan Malamutes killed a Jack Russell Terrier.

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