Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whitley County Dog Killer Is Told Bad Officer, Bad!

Whitley County is showing the entire universe how serious they take shooting healthy dogs multiple times by issuing a written reprimand to the officer who killed a dog.

As a reminder, the dog in question was a stray dog who had a woman willing to take the dog home with her in lieu of shooting and killing the non-aggressive dog.

Now I don't want to seem like I'm questioning authority here, but hey, someone probably should. If you want to reprimand someone who has done wrong in a manner that is construed as taking the matter seriously, a written reprimand is probably not the way to go.

The officer should be fired. Yeah, that's my opinion. It's how I feel about people in positions of authority who abuse and take advantage of their power. The woman who watched this dog die, who offered to pay fines and take the dog, could do nothing - short of accidentally being shot or arrested for assault - to stop this animal control officer from murdering a helpless dog. The dog certainly could do nothing, no one wants to consider him a legal and moral agent. The only person onsite who should have stopped him is the police officer called to the scene who, upon seeing the dog not eating anyone and ascertaining the dog had placement, should have told the animal control officer to cease and desist.

No one did those things, though. A dog suffered pain before his death needlessly.

Again, here is the only contact information I could find for persons of supposed leadership in Whitley County:
County Clerk's often report information to the board of commissioners: - Kay Schwartz
Lawrence Hodge (county sheriff): 

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