Sunday, September 19, 2010

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A German Shepherd saves his owner from an attack.

After an undercover investigation revealed horrid conditions in a vivisection lab, the lab has shut down pending an investigation (that apparently should have been done sooner, way to go USDA) and is relinquishing their tested upon victims. Lots of shelters are stepping up to the plate to help these animals, as that is their actual job to do so.

Dog Attacks
A mixed breed (described as a black husky mix) savagely mauled a little girl, in Lawrence County, PA causing 150 stitches worth of damage to the child's face.

A Jack Russell Terrier needs 20 stitches after an attack by a German Shepherd. The shepherd was leashed while the terrier, who is 15 and partially blind, was not.

A sheepdog (Border Collie mix) in the UK attacked a horse. The horse received minor lacerations and was able to run off safely. The dog was off leash when the attack happened.

A broken fence neither neighbor bothered to repair has resulted in one dead dog and another injured. The neighbor's Great Dane and German Shepherd attacked two Dachshunds, killing one. The owner of the smaller dogs was also bitten.

A dog who escaped from a burning home ended up biting an officer when she turned her back on the "seemingly friendly" dog. The officer of course shot and killed the dog.

A German Shepherd broke into a neighbor's yard and killed her miniature pinscher.

An Akita bit a child in the face, causing 50 stitches worth of damage. The dog was alone with the child in the kitchen when the child tried to pet him.

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