Monday, September 13, 2010

Camera Play Time With the Dynamic Duo

This flash has been sitting, waiting for me to use it, really use it. Admittedly, I find it to be an imposing piece of equipment. Also, I have no clue how to use it properly. I am the kind of person who loves reading instruction manuals, but I just haven't done that yet with this flash. Any decent shot is the result of luck, really.

I do not lack subject matter when it comes to the dogs. Both are willing participants. Err, sort of.

These photos are probably not the best example of photography out there. Excuse all the extra stuff in some of the shots, I was too lazy to properly clone out crap or alter any settings. What you see is what you get sort of deal. The only thing I believe I did correctly was to bounce the light and use a diffuser to alleviate some of the harsh lines a flash produces. That ended up being the extent of my skillz.

Also, there is a really embarrassing shot of Mina that I must decide whether to share or not. She rarely takes bad photos, and this one isn't horrible, per se, but it's not all that flattering.

Until then, please enjoy these shots of the dynamic duo.

Here, Mina is concerned. Celeste is wondering why Mina is concerned. Stuffed dog toy is stuffed. Back to Mina - is that face not kissable, that entire being not huggable? She is cuteness embodied.

Mina is uber bored
When pleading stare does not work, Mina tries stress yawning. Celeste goes back to sleep. Camera bag is camera bag.

Mina is noble times two
Yes, I am that person who commissions an artist to paint portraits of her dogs. Here Mina demonstrates the accuracy of said portrait. Noble Mina times two. Crazy Celeste is bonus.

Mina and Celeste tug
No letter shaped dogs but proof that my dogs do like each other enough to try and share a toy. 'Cept neither really share toys. Mina wins this bout and this is Celeste's response:

Celeste is nuts
This shot truly encompasses the nuttiness of Celeste. I love her for it.

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