Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whitley County Animal Control Shoots Friendly Dog For Being Stray

Apparently Whitley County animal control officials think it's fine and dandy to shoot a scared, non-aggressive, stray dog (with a collar and name tag!) even though those who called them to RESCUE the dog offered to adopt him.

Bugsy is dead. He's a big, white fluffy dog who was found wandering near an office complex in Whitley County, Kentucky. Office workers liked the dog and did their best to take care of him. He was flighty but, at some point, employees read the tag on his collar - Bugsy. When it started to pour rain and they couldn't get Bugsy to a dry place, folks did what they thought was the right thing - what should be the right thing. They called animal control.

Animal control arrived with a police officer. They cornered the dog against a dumpster. Horrified onlookers realized that they were pulling out a gun and about to shoot the dog. They rushed over and tried to intervened, offering to pay city fines for a stray dog and adopting the dog themselves. Their pleas of kindness were ignored and instead, the dog was shot three times and killed.

The county judge executive released a statement saying "the animal control officer's poor judgement is clearly not the protocol of this office...it was the judgement of the animal control officer and the city police officer that this action was necessary. I think it was poor judgement and this officer will be disciplined."

Well, gee, thanks I guess. I hope by "disciplined" they mean fired.

It wasn't easy to find contact information for the commissioners. Actually, I didn't.

But here are some other officials that you can email to ask that a) the animal control officer be fired and required to attend mandatory anger management classes; b) criminal charges be considered against the officer; and c) that Whitley County implement a top-down review of their stray animal policies and when it is and is not appropriate to discharge a weapon.

Bugsy doesn't get a voice, not anymore. His basic right to a chance at a permanent home was denied. His basic right to live was denied. Please be his voice.

County Clerk's often report information to the board of commissioners: wcclerk@2geton.net - Kay Schwartz
Lawrence Hodge (county sheriff): wcso@2geton.net 


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