Monday, September 13, 2010

Officer Shoots and Kills Two Restrained Dogs who Attacked a Loose Dog

Here's a more detailed article, which indicates that the officer shot before even attempting to separate the dogs.

Two leashed dogs were being walked when a blind, unleashed dog ended up approaching them. The dogs got into a fight. Remember, two of the dogs were leashed, so I'm not sure why on earth no one could get them apart. It's not rocket science, people.

Instead of dealing with the loose dog, a police officer busts out his service weapon and kills the two dogs. Who were leashed.

The impression given is that not much time passed before a lethal weapon was brought into play.

The two leashed dogs were a Cheasapeake Bay Retriever and Rottweiler.

How many dog fights involving two leashed dogs and one unleashed dog have you witnessed in which the ONLY solution available is shooting two dogs twice, killing them?

Either we're missing some significant information or we might be looking at a case of a trigger-happy individual shooting the only two restrained dogs in a fight against an unrestrained, unleashed dog.

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