Friday, September 24, 2010

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An off-duty Kentucky animal control officer saved 13 animals after her apartment complex caught on fire. She went door-to-door pulling animals of various species from apartments.

New research shows kids exercise more when a dog is around.

A goat farmer is found guilty of animal cruelty for last year's shooting death of a Labrador Retriever. The dog was loose and was acting aggressively at the trailer where the goats were located. The dog did not bite or attack any goat, nor was the dog loose inside the goat trailer or pasture. This man has killed three dogs in the past.

A Border Collie was no match for a bear, but the dog's owner flung a garden-variety zuchhini at the bear, scaring her off.

A Pit Bull must be spayed after getting loose and getting into a minor squabble with another dog (the dog did not require any veterinary treatment). In a nearly identical case, another dog is facing death for the exact same situation. The dog, a Labrador Retriever, got loose and got into a fight with a smaller dog who suffered no injuries nor did the owner complain (until a month later, interestingly). Officials are making it as hard as possible to defend the dog, requiring a $2,500 fee to appeal the decision to kill a healthy dog without obvious or significant behavioral problems. And just to show how inconsistent we are with dogs, a Rottweiler that savaged a small child is being spared death.

Dog Attacks
An elderly man is bitten by a German Shepherd in the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned.

A girl in Pennsylvania was bitten multiple times by a Labrador Retriever Mix after she stepped off a trampoline. She was playing with other children in the yard where the dog was kept. The owner's other dog has bitten people in the past as well.

A 9-yr-old German Shepherd with a history of biting people was running loose when he bit a man and a child. When police arrived, the dog bit them too. The dog was not shot, though, but was corralled into the back of a police cruiser and then tranquilized. He has been returned to his owner who now owns a Potentially Dangerous Dog.

A dog described as a Border Collie was running loose when he attacked a woman walking her dog. The woman suffered puncture wounds. This is the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned.

A family is filing a lawsuit against the St. Croix Sheriff's department for a dog bite incident involving a K-9. The victim, a teenager, had been told to run from a home where he and his friends were being threatened by the armed homeowner. He did so. When police told him to get to the ground, he did so. At that point, the police dog attacked him, causing significant injuries to his arm. It was not easy getting the dog to release his grip.

A loose Husky attacked and mauled a Jack Russell Terrier.

A Goldendoodle mutt attacked and bit a woman on the thigh, causing puncture wounds and bleeding.

A Kelpie in Australia attacked a Jack Russell Terrier and the dog's owner earlier this year. The owner of the Kelpie claims it was just a "minor" injury and, gee, why should anyone care?

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