Friday, September 10, 2010

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Pit Bull News
Six friendly rescued Pit Bulls are ready for adoption at the Palm Beach shelter.

Former dogfighters, many of them quite young, now work with their dogs to achieve obedience certificates instead of fighting.

An abandoned, malnourished Pit Bull is on her way to a rescue and a chance at life in Indiana.

Ruby, a Pit bull mix immortalized in a "rags-to-riches" book, is signing paw-to-graphs .

The Marshall County animal shelter in West Virginia is looking for volunteers to help with their Pit Bull Task Force, which will be set with the task of educating about Pit Bulls and getting more adopted from the shelter.

Dog Attacks
Another attack that once again dispels the myth that only Pit Bulls "attack the face/neck and cause serious damage". This one is out of the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned. A toddler was petting a Border Collie when the dog launched a savage attack. The dog caused 200 stitches worth of damage and it took several people beating the dog off to stop the attack. The child will be scarred for life, although he is at least alive.

A Boxer in the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned, attacked a girl, causing 18 stitches worth of damage.It took two men and more than five minutes to get the dog to let go of the child's leg.

A goat was severely attacked by an Alaskan Malamute who had escaped from his yard.

A loose bullmastiff in the UK, with a history of aggression, attacked a Springer Spaniel puppy, nearly killing the dog.

A German Shepherd being walked by a 14-yr-old girl broke free from his lead and attacked a small dog, causing moderate injuries.

A loose Dogue De Bordeaux attacked a Beagle, and then severely bit a man in the arm as he tried to protect his dog.

A recently adopted, elderly mastiff mix who was constantly kept on a chain was left alone with the family's children. At some point, the female child tripped and possibly kicked the dog on accident. The dog attacked her, causing significant wounds. The dog was killed.

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